Pain Free Teenage Smile

Pain Free Teenage Smile



We want to thank the Lord for working in the hearts of our friends.
Amore’ got donations from all over the world: USA, NZ and South Africa.
We have reached R 6500 so far one of the Doctors has let us know that he will give us a 20% discount on his bill, that amounts to a further R1500.
God is good !
We spoke to the Orthodontist and we can pay off R15000 on a monthly basis.
To start the treatment we need R5900 (discount included) for the surgeon and R3200 for the Antitheist and a deposit of R5000 for the Orthodontist.
With the help of our friends and even strangers that understand we only need R7600 to start the treatment.
Thank you so much for giving, sharing and caring.
Please continue to support us in this worthy cause. Amore’ is so thankful for all the help we can get. She wants to make a video to say thanks, we will get to that this week.
Regards and Thank you again to those that is helping.
Jaycee, Karen and Amore’


Dr Roux

I write to you regarding my daughter Amore’ Compaan – Du Toit.

You did a costing on her treatment and referred us to Dr Slabbert, his costing came to just under R10 000.

We do not have a medical aid and only my wife is employed at this stage. We are busy to raise funds towards Amore’ s treatment.

We have been blessed, as two weeks ago we did not know how we would be able to make it possible, but we have just paid Dr Slabbert and Dr Robson for their part in the treatment. Dr Slabbert gave us a discount that helped a lot.

We would like to go forward with the treatment, the only thing holding us back at this moment is the initial payment due to you. We have faith that we would be able to make payments towards the account, exceeding the proposed R890 per month, and know that we will be blessed even more in regards to this matter.

My request to you at this time is that if we do not have the full amount of R3980 by the time needed, could we make an arrangement that we could pay it as soon as possible. I have some contract work coming my way in the first week of the new school term and would be able to bring all up to date as soon as my payment clears.

Could you please let us know if this is possible, as we would like to give Dr Slabbert the go ahead to do the surgery.

I hope that this request finds favour with you.


Jaycee and Karen Compaan – Du Toit.

Good day, We would like to address this letter to you from a caring parent’s perspective. We have a daughter who will be turning 13 this year but who is going through life in pain at this stage. Amore’ is a caring child and enjoys her sport and is very social until she has to pose for a photo or smile for a friend.

When it comes to ” Smile for the camera”, she will quickly close her mouth to make sure no one can capture her smile.
Amore’ needs to have a dental procedures done that involves surgery and then wearing braces for some time to move her teeth into place.
Unfortunately Amore’ has too many teeth and after having second and third opinions from different dentists and specialist, some teeth needs to be removed.Some of the problem teeth are as follow:She has a tooth growing in her upper pallet.
She has 2 extra milk teeth (where one is upside down) preventing her permanent tooth from moving into place.
This permanent tooth is currently almost in her naval cavity and once the milk teeth are removed, needs to be pulled down by means of a dental chain.
Also in the front of her mouth se has a tooth-like growth that grew out towards her lip and this growth is attached to a tooth that was supposed to grow into place.
Due to a nerve running through the growth, it can not just be cut off but has to be surgically removed and this causes the most of her pain as the nerve is exposed and the growth has a sharp spear shape that has punctured her lip a couple of times.
Her tooth next to it needs to be reshaped and repositioned to the front of the mouth.
She then needs to get braces in order to move all the teeth into its correct position.
This letter is to plead for assistance as we do not have a medical aid that would cover and assist in this matter and we are pleading for help so that she could possibly start her high school career with a happy “teeth showing” smile.
 Amore 1amore 2
The cost involved is as follow:
Anaesthetist: Dr B Robson (practice number: 1002120) Fee; R3100
Dr H Slabbert – Surgical Procedure
Code Description Comments Fee Qty Total App Num Mins
8981 Surgical Exp Impacted Tooth 11 2674.00 1                 R2674.00
8941 Removal Impacted Tooth . 11 super 2318.80 1          R2318.80
8943 Removal 2nd Impacted Tooth 11 super 1249.60 1    R1249.60
8201 Extraction 1 tooth 22 370.70 1                                      R370.70
8201 Extraction 1 tooth 15 370.70 1                                      R370.70
8220 Suture .. Vicryl 3419RC 64.90 1                                      R64.90
8145 Local Anaesthetic Per Visit 157.20 1                             R157.20
8110 Provision Sterile Intrumentati 95.70 1                         R95.70
8109 Infection Control – Gloves 38.40 2                                R76.80
Sub Total 7378.40
Dr Pieter Roux – Orthodontist which needs to fit the braces, R20 000
The post treatment is an estimate of                                          R3870
Total costs R34 348.40
As a family of four, we have moved to Jeffreys Bay just over a year ago. I am currently the only bread-winner and such medical bills are just not in our means at this stage.
Any portion of contribution will be highly appreciated not just to cover the bills but to assist us in giving something to our daughter that she has dreamed of for so many years….
a pain free perfect smile.
I also have the supporting x-rays and reports from the Dr.
Thanking you in advance
Karen & Jaycee Compaan-Du Toit

Donations can be made to;

Capitec Bank

Acc 1368871389

Branch 470010


The blood in my eyes blurred my vision
But I kept my focus…

Burning coals in my palms, the sharp nails did not keep me from holding you tenderly.

My blood flowing like a river, not one drop wasted
Pain and sorrow, my humiliation…

I wanted so much for you to know, know why I died.
I started to cry,
For you did not care,
But I knew My Father had His plan.

The holes from the thorns healed, no more scars on my back, I sit at the Masters side.

But today…

Once again I have blood on my hands,
My blood flows for you again.
My knuckles are bare,
I knocked and knocked and…… knocked on your door.

My tears are flowing freely…


You have opened and I held you tenderly in my arms.

Welcome my child!

Love is an attitude

Make it work for you.

You spend 8 hours a day at the office, one hour on lunch maybe one or two on the road, then there is gym, kids to school, cooking and cleaning, before you know you are through the day and it is time to sleep. All this time you are in contact with the one you love, but what is the quality of time you have with that person? Take the morning for that extra special time, When you wake up don’t say a word to each other Just take your partners hand and look into those eyes that make your world wonderful, don’t speak for at least one to two minuets Just look at your partner and remember why you love this person. Now make the choice to love today and then tell your partner just that. Hug your kids and tell them you care. Love is an attitude Work at it!



Deur die grys spilonke wat eens my oe was,
Dwaal my begeerte, onbeheers, onbevredig.
Ek weet wat die straf ontbeen
My ligaam, seer en uitgeteer

My lus vir lewe beheer deur drang
Gewigs verlies, geheue verlies
My veraf vriende allmal vies

Ek skaam myself nie meer
Niks kan my meer keer
Ek is verslaaf,verlore
Nog, nog klink in my ore
Met Salomo se wysheid neem ek weer
Jou geroeste ou naald n laaste keer

Jy gaan my hart verskeur
Ek, alle wil verbeur

Onder my vel, in my are
Vergete my sorge etopia op aarde

Ek is verslaaf verslaaf aan die soete,

Belofde van liefde

Mirror Talk

Mirror Talk

The hardest part of life is to look yourself in the mirror and be honest.

The age old cliché of ‘practice what you preach’ rings so true in your ears when you stand there and dig deep down below, when you take off the gloves and cut to the bone of your sanity, this is when you see how you really are, and sometimes it is not a pleasant picture. We so often live a dream with standards and guidelines that we put in place only to protect ourselves, it has become so easy to move the goalposts forward or backwards just the way we want to. Sometimes you have to swallow your pride to retain your dignity and sometimes you have to be the loser although you hate it. Some of us just won’t take the lesser side and some will never stop competing. I profess to be a firm believer in love and the power of love I also embrace hatred and grudges as this is the way I see my world to come into a balance with itself, there is a thin line between love and hate, you hear everybody say, and this for me is so true, scarred love will turn into a volcano of hate, and the perception of hate or dislike is often the minds way of protecting itself against the hurts that love can bring. Love is the one thing that you cannot destroy you can never make love go away you cannot turn off the switch, all you can do is hide it away and look at it at times that you have the guts to face it. Hate and dislike can be blasted into oblivion by love, for love has this power, this is such a great power that we don’t know how to use it, for the use of this power will strip us from our pride and we have to be vulnerable, now this is where we all fall short of the ideal, we are so afraid to be put into a situation where love can come and bite you in the back that we rather take the easy way and suffer in silence.